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NYE at Common Poster

112 triangles cut from paint sample catalogues



you scratch my back......

Illustrations from handmade self promotional booklet:

hand drawn type:



new blackstar disco poster

Blackstar Disco : 29/11/08 at Joshua Brooks Manchester


the cornish owlman

Not only did I find my dream suit (all 3 pieces for £6 pounds) in Age Concern this week, I also picked up Janet and Colin Bloods 'Alien Animals' a "world wide investigation into lake monsters, gigantic birds & birdmen, black dogs, mystery pumas & bigfoot". I just had to post this picture from the book.


postal project

I've started a new project; postal exquisite corpse. i'm sending out part completed exquisite copses to various people to finish off, at the end of it i'm going to make a small publication and exhibit the work. I've already got some great people on board, if you're up for it just email me your postal address to:


and i'll post one out.



blackstar disco

just finished the posters flyers etc for the blackstar disco kicking off on 27th september at joshua brooks in manchester



its that time of year again...

download summer mix here
then print the picture and make your own case.


new poster

get down to it if you're in manchester, it'll be a blast, see SMS for a mix and some more info



new dance club banner

colour paper scalpol glue


get real...

business cards:

et la piece du resistance:


biggest thanks EVER to my brother for busting his balls to get this online, i owe you...


meow. kitties.

caught animal collective, atlas sound and times new viking this week, so i thought i'd post up a little music. TNV blew me away, and animal collective, although they've lost it a little on record are doing some amazing stuff live.

times new viking - my head

atlas sound - quarantined

animal collective - leaf house/who could win a rabbit (live session)



news not olds

i've handed in all my practical work for my major project, as well as an A3 book, I produced ltd edition A5 handbound copies and tee shirts. the tee designs are illustrations of recently desceased celebrities, so far i've only printed some proofs but i'll be printing small runs of them soon. they're all hand printed and come packaged with a signed/numbered print of the design. the books and shirts will hopefully be available to buy soon so stay tuned.

these are images of a proof of the A5 books, the final versions are much higher quality prints with a hand stitched binding:

my work will be in the leeds uni school of design Ma exhibition in june.


international artists shorvon and hunter are exhibiting a new installation in london at the subway gallerey, edgeware road. it starts on the 3rd june. i helped design a few things for the show and got gifted a very nice vivian westwood tee shirt for my efforts (thanks guys). its gonna be dead good so come along.

heres a link to the event on facebook



myself, aoife flynn, ben hunter and paul hockett are all working on a photography project entitled THE GLOAMING. more news on this soon....

i've also finally got round to beginning work on my website, hopefully i'll have something up in a couple of weeks.......



I haven't posted anything up in a while as i've been so busy with uni stuff. Most of my work is in friday so hopefuly by then i'll have time to inform you all of the exciting events of recent times. until then heres a couple of recent pics i did for dance club to tide you over.


lolcats 1

cheer up aoife x