an imaginary update

I finally got round to making some copies of the little book of imaginary. Im making 21 in total, number ones already gone to a happy home. Each book is A7 size, hand bound and numbered, the covers are in 7 different colours. I'll be selling them in Leeds soon and I'll post up where and when, i think I'll set up an etsy shop so you can buy them online too.

While we're on the topic, my brother has made a book called Negative Memory which will be available to buy soon. Check it out, ITS VERY GOOD.


black dice

the boys at Stop Making Sense asked me to do a new poster campaign for them, a play on Barak Obamas 'Hope. Action. Change.' posters. As a thanks I got a ticket to go see Black Dice at the Roadhouse in Manchester last saturday night (wierdly enough the name of the venue where my favourite band played is also the name of the bar in twin peaks which I've been watching alot whilst making my book which I entered for d&ad. surely a good omen?)

i've been losing faith recently but a small black bird with a red beak told me to continue at design last friday morning while I was having a cigarette and waiting for a print shop to open (its a long story, and he didnt actualy talk, I know birds cant talk). Anyway I thought I'd post up the new SMS posters as well as the old ones from last year:


I've been literaly flat out finishing my entry for the d&ad student awards for the last three weeks or so. I havent done anything else except worry about my blood pressure/bank balance. The deadline was the 20th and acording to the post office my entry arrived on the 19th safe and sound. The brief I entered was entitled Identity and set by Paul Davis, I had to produce an A3 size, 16 page, hardbound illustrated book. The book I made was entitled the Vegetable Lamb of Tartary, i'd describe it as a cross between the Very Hungry Catterpillar and the Outsider. Im a superstitious person, as the great Dale Cooper once said "coincidence and fate figure largely in our lives", this book was shaped by these things and I think I have a good feeling about it. Until the judging begins however lets all cross our fingers, salute the magpies and dont step on any cracks......


the week in smoking

this week i have contracted a chesty cough