the cornish owlman

Not only did I find my dream suit (all 3 pieces for £6 pounds) in Age Concern this week, I also picked up Janet and Colin Bloods 'Alien Animals' a "world wide investigation into lake monsters, gigantic birds & birdmen, black dogs, mystery pumas & bigfoot". I just had to post this picture from the book.


postal project

I've started a new project; postal exquisite corpse. i'm sending out part completed exquisite copses to various people to finish off, at the end of it i'm going to make a small publication and exhibit the work. I've already got some great people on board, if you're up for it just email me your postal address to:


and i'll post one out.



blackstar disco

just finished the posters flyers etc for the blackstar disco kicking off on 27th september at joshua brooks in manchester